Accessories Abroad is pleased to accept “Purchase Orders” online through our website, email, or fax. Payment can be made in US dollars only (major credit cards, check, or cashier’s check), and checks must be drawn on US banks.
OPENING ORDERS & REORDERS: As of January 1, 2013, Opening Order Minimums are now $650 and Reorder Minimums are $350. If requirements are not met, a 20% upcharge fee will be applied to all orders below $350 (existing customers) or $650 (new customers).
Your Purchase Order form can only be accepted when accompanied by a unique PO number and the digital signature of the officer authorizing the purchase. Please note that the Purchase Order form does not calculate shipping and handling charges, as those charges will be determined once the Purchase Order has been submitted, received, verified, and processed.  All Purchase Orders remain OPEN for up to 1 year from the time of submission, or fulfilled, unless the buyer/purchase cancels the order within that time frame.
All Purchase Orders are verified individually via telephone prior to shipping. After the order is verified, payment terms will be made and agreed upon, and the final order will be packed and shipped. Accessories Abroad reserves the right to cancel a Purchase Order at any time. If you have questions about completing and submitting a Purchase Order, wish to confirm a product’s availability, or shipping times or questions, please call your sales representative or the central office at 877-322-7623 (Monday thru Friday, 9AM-5PM EST).
If you need to expedite your purchase order, please fax it to Accessories Abroad at 877-922-7623.